What I do

Whatever data from the internet you or your team handle, I can automate that for you.

Whether you want some small eshop stock and prices monitored, or employ large teams to grab data from huge online retailers, you have probably thought how much faster it would be if you had a machine do the grunt work for you. Lightning processing speeds, no room for human error, integration into (or even replacing completely) any other software you are currently using, plus of course huge savings on wages - those are all attractive features of automation.

300% increase in productivity at a fraction of the previous costs is not uncommon when you switch from manpower to software handling your processes. Chances are that lots more can be automated than you could dream of before. Some projects even have the possibility for complete hands-free automation, saving you hours of your time and simplifying the often quite complicated business process into a small application window with a big "PRESS HERE TO MAKE MONEY" button.

Everything starts with an idea

I'll go through your goals and what you're expecting from your new script.

We agree on features and budget

The whole process is divided into smaller milestones and realistic deadlines are set.

Let the work begin

I dive in, sending you frequent reports, screenshots and preliminary versions to test yourself.

Watch your business take off!

With the script finished and delivered, you can enjoy the increased productivity right away!

All software is tailor-made to your needs.

  • Delphi logoWritten in the newest Embarcadero Delphi 10.3 Rio Pro
  • Small (<10MB) EXE, ready to run on any Windows machine or be deployed on a VPS
  • Self-contained - no installs, no annoying libraries to deal with.
  • Friendly User Interface included with all applications
  • Embedded Chromium browser, where needed
  • No memory leaks in the final version, commented source code provided on request
  • Standard CSV comma-delimited file as output, unless agreed on another format
code showcase
app screen showcase

You truly can be at a hundred places at once

Applications can be simple, but I can also create advanced multi-threaded apps that harness the power of modern computers. Hundreds of pages can be downloaded every second, running the functions simultaneously. For a large volume of data to be gathered, which might otherwise result in your IP getting banned for too many requests, I can recommend one of the companies I am affiliated with and which are proven to deliver excellent service. Each has its own benefits, and they are useful for different purposes, but don't worry - I'll help you decide and set it up.

stormproxies.com (affiliate link)
Great for smaller projects and testing, they have a huge pool of proxies (70k) available and offer a reasonable number of concurrent threads to use these (10-400)

proxyrack.com (affiliate link)
If you care more about speed and need a larger number of threads, these guys have smaller IP pool (10-20k), but you can use up to 1000 threads at once

Customer Voice

What can I help you with?

Whether you know exactly or want to discuss your needs first, I'm happy to help you decide.

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  • Quick initial consultation
  • Email, Skype or Whatsapp
  • Game plan in 48h

Web Scraping


  • Usual delivery within 48h
  • Written in the newest Delphi
  • Get an app or just the data

Automation project


  • Improve your productivity 100+%
  • Written in the newest Delphi
  • Free bug fixes for life

About Me

My name is Daniel and I specialize in web scraping and automation of pretty much everything.

Creating all my own web scrapers and scripts in Delphi, I've automated lots of things from scraping large retailers for price data, to betting websites odds extraction, to testing anti-scraping defenses of real estate websites.

Daniel Liska

One Man Army

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